3 Signs You Need a New Heat Pump in Madisonville, LA

A heat pump can last for up to 25 years with good maintenance. However, if you neglect it, you might need a replacement in less than 15 years. Here are three signs that you need a new heat pump in Madisonville, LA.

1. Frequent Repairs

If you constantly call heat pump service technicians, it might be more cost-effective to invest in a new pump. A replacement is ideal if your system is more than 15 years old and keeps breaking down. If the repair costs start to get out of control and your home is always running cold, talk to a technician and let them check the heat pump.

Modern heat pumps are more energy-efficient than older ones. They won’t only heat your home more effectively but also save money on utility bills.

2. Increased Energy Bills

Heat pumps can be one of the major energy consumers. However, they consume less energy when running efficiently. If you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills, it might be worth looking at your heat pump. Plan a routine tune-up and inspection with your HVAC technician where they can assess the condition and performance of the system and advise you accordingly.

3. Inadequate Heating

If your system fails to efficiently and adequately heat your home even after several repairs, it might be time to get a new one. As a heat pump ages, it operates less efficiently, and your home may never be warm enough during the cold season.

Heat pumps also control the humidity of a home. If your home feels humid all the time or the air feels stale, call a technician to check your unit.

If you’ve had your heat pump for more than 15 years and it keeps acting up, it would be best if you get a replacement. For HVAC installation, maintenance, repair and replacement in Madisonville, LA, get in touch with us today at Three Rivers Services, LLC.

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