3 Tips for Boosting Heat Pump Efficiency in Mandeville, LA

An efficient heat pump saves energy, has fewer downtimes and keeps your family comfortable. Fortunately, there are practices you can engage in to improve your system’s efficiency. We will explore tips for using a heat pump more efficiently in Mandeville, LA.

1. Schedule Maintenance Services

Like your car, a heat pump needs regular maintenance services. When technicians come over for a maintenance service, they will inspect your system thoroughly to spot any faulty components and repair them.

They will also lubricate the moving parts to reduce friction, clean all components, check refrigerant levels and tighten any loose connections. In addition, they will inspect the thermostat to ensure it’s working optimally. These procedures help to keep the system in good shape at all times.

2. Change the Air Filter Frequently

A clogged air filter causes multiple heat pump problems such as short cycling, running constantly, high energy bills and uneven temperature distribution. Contaminants clog the air filter and create a barrier to airflow. Your heat pump will then overwork in an attempt to draw more air.

Remember to inspect your air filter periodically and change it if necessary. When you buy a new air filter, always check the MERV rating. The rating shows how efficient a filter is in catching pollutants.

3. Pay Attention to the Area Around Your Condenser Unit

A condenser unit is the outdoor part of your heat pump. This component releases heat to the environment during the warm months and absorbs heat from the environment during the cold months. If there is any vegetation that’s too close to the unit, the unit will struggle to absorb or release heat to the environment. Consider clearing any vegetation that’s too close to the condenser unit.

Call Three Rivers Services, LLC for professional air conditioning services. We will tune up your system so that it serves you efficiently.

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