4 Factors That Impact IAQ in St. Tammany Parrish, LA

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a negative impact on the health of residents and visitors. Learning how to improve it can significantly benefit your home and well-being. The following four factors can influence the IAQ in your St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, home.

1. Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation causes a build-up of pollutants and stale air, making the environment uncomfortable and harmful to those inhabiting it. Opening windows when it’s a nice day out is an easy way to instantly start improving the ventilation in a room. Have a screen on each open window so Louisiana insects don’t ruin your summer by making their way inside.

2. Chemical Pollutants

Chemical pollutants are everywhere in our homes, from the paint on our walls to the cleaning products we use on our floors. Exposure to certain types of chemicals over time could lead to health problems like dizziness, headaches, respiratory issues and cancer. Limiting the number of VOCs, like using natural cleaning products, can have a notable positive impact on the IAQ.

3. Building Materials

Some building products, such as certain insulation or flooring materials, contain chemicals harmful to your health. If you renovate or remodel any areas of your home, be sure to choose materials that are safe for you and the environment.

4. Temperatures

Extremely hot temperatures can impact IAQ. For example, it could increase the number of outdoor allergens, which could make their way inside. Make sure your air conditioner gets checked before summer, including having its filter changed, to ensure it’s in peak condition to properly cool the home and limit the number of allergens that come indoors.

We can help you develop an action plan to improve the IAQ in your home. Contact Three Rivers Services, LLC today for indoor air quality solutions. We’ve been operating for decades and look forward to providing you with excellent service.

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