4 Reasons Clogged Air Filters are a Serious Problem in Madisonville, LA

A regular air filter change is one of the simplest ways to ensure your AC runs optimally. But why is it necessary to change the filters? Here are four reasons that clogged filters are a problem in Madisonville, LA.

1. Your AC Will Take Longer to Cool the Room

Dirty air filters will restrict airflow from passing through different parts of your cooling system. The indoor air handler will need to work overtime to provide the same level of cooling it did in the past.

As more dirt accumulates on the filters, your air conditioner will take longer to cool the house. You may also notice hot and cold spots across the building due to insufficient cooling.

2. You See a Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

Dirty filters can also limit the performance of your air conditioning system. Airflow obstructions can cause overheating and component malfunctions in extreme cases.

If you haven’t been replacing your filter, you may notice a sudden rise in utility bills. This usually results from blockages that force your AC to run for longer than it should, consuming more energy.

3. It Will Compromise Indoor Air Quality

Another problem with dirty air filters is they limit the system’s capacity to regulate humidity in the room. The coils in your AC system require sufficient airflow to facilitate dehumidification.

If your AC can’t extract humidity effectively, it will compromise your home comfort. You may keep adjusting the thermostat since the July heat in Madisonville will feel even warmer.

High relative humidity levels can trigger microbial infestations on your property. If there is a moisture problem in your home, consider our indoor air quality solutions in Madisonville.

4. Dirty Filters Will Shorten Your AC’s Lifespan

An AC that continues operating with a clogged filter risks premature component failure. Airflow obstructions may overwork the blower, forcing you into a costly replacement.

Changing the filters every month and adhering to the annual maintenance service is the best way to protect your AC. An annual AC tune-up will also help you from premature expensive replacements. Contact Three Rivers Services, LLC, for top-notch maintenance services in Madisonville today.

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