5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners in Sun, LA

Cats, dogs and many other furry pets are a source of endless love and companionship. Unfortunately, they sometimes tend to produce large amounts of hair and dander. As a pet owner, you can start implementing these five helpful HVAC maintenance tips in Sun, LA today to keep your HVAC system running well..

1. Brush Your Pet

Stop your pet hair from reaching your HVAC system by regularly brushing it out. Removing excess hair before your pet can shed it stops it from circulating through the ductwork. It’s best to comb your pets in the tub or outside if the weather permits.

2. Switch Out Filters Frequently

The more pets you have in the home, the more frequently you should be replacing your air filters. Filters meant to last three months may only last one or two before filling up.

3. Use Better Filters

Alleviate your pet allergies by investing in higher-quality filters. Using air filters with MERV ratings above eight can dramatically lower the amount of pet dander and allergens in the air. You’ll also notice a remarkable improvement in your indoor air quality.

4. Vacuum Regularly

Increase how long your filters last by vacuuming a few times a week. Pet hair can settle on your carpets, rugs, curtains, and furniture. Taking the time to remove the hair and dander stops it from harming your HVAC system.

5. Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

Along with brushing your pets and watching your filters, you should also schedule HVAC maintenance at least twice a year. A technician will thoroughly examine your system for accumulated debris and worn-out parts. Experts can also provide personalized advice on how to best care for your furnace and AC unit with pets in the home.

By caring for your HVAC system with your pets in mind, you can easily protect your family’s indoor comfort. Schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment with Three Rivers Services, LLC in Sun, LA today.

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