Heat Pump Problems in Covington, LA? It May Be the Compressor

The compressor is responsible for a crucial middle step in your heat pump operation, without which it cannot function. That makes it essential for all residents of Covington, LA who own heat pumps to be able to spot compressor issues. Here are a few signs that your heat pump’s compressor is having trouble.

Poor Performance

Heat flows naturally into a colder space, and a compressor applies enough pressure to the refrigerant that it becomes extremely hot. In the winter, this heat transfers from the hot refrigerant in the indoor coil into a cool room. In the summer, heat transfers from the hot compressed refrigerant in the outdoor coil to the cooler outside air.

This is why compressor problems so frequently manifest themselves in poor performance. You have to have hot refrigerant for both heating and cooling operations. Of course, many other things may also cause your heat pump to perform poorly, so be sure to allow a technician to perform a tune-up and thoroughly inspect your system periodically.

Loud Noises

You’ll receive a much less ambiguous sign that your compressor is faulty if it suddenly starts making noise. For example, it may screech, rattle, vibrate, rumble or click loudly. Possible causes of such noise include things like loose components, electrical issues and trapped debris.

Tripping the Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, your compressor may overheat. If this happens, it may trip your circuit breaker and abruptly turn off the heat pump.

To test whether this is indeed happening, you may want to temporarily turn off your heat pump and then turn it on again. If it immediately turns off again or fails to turn on at all, then you probably have your explanation. You should always let an HVAC technician examine your heat pump to confirm things.

If your heat pump develops compressor issues, it will struggle to work at all. If you live near Covington, LA, don’t let this issue persist. Call Three Rivers Services, LLC and schedule HVAC services right away.

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