How Do Air Purifiers Work and Are They Effective?

During the winter months, it’s not uncommon to see an increase in the use of whole-home air purifier systems, and for good reason. During these months, families tend to stay indoors more, so the air quality inside is more important than ever. That said, how do air purifiers work, and are they truly effective?

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

These whole-home systems work differently depending on the types of air purifiers homeowners purchase. One thing they have in common, though, is that most whole-home systems connect to HVAC systems. Then, the air purifiers clean the air before releasing it back into homes.

The three most common types of whole-home air purifiers are filtered air, electrostatic air and UV lights. A filtered air purifier works by capturing pollutants in your home with filters. According to Healthline, these types of systems work best with HEPA air filters.

An electrostatic air purifier uses charged particles to trap particles in a filter. Lastly, a UV light purifier uses UV light to destroy contaminants in the air, making them partially effective against bacteria and viruses.

Are Air Purifiers Effective?

Air purifiers can be effective, but not all are created equal. For example, Trane, REME and Air Knight make the most effective whole-home air purifiers. When installed by qualified professionals, they are effective in removing contaminants from your air.

Let’s discuss three popular options for home purification: Trane CleanEffects, REME Halo and the Air Knight IPG. All three systems are similar in that they connect to HVAC systems to clean the air that passes through.

The REME Halo cleans the air by using a UV lamp. Unlike other UV lamp systems, it releases small amounts of hydrogen peroxide into the air as well. It’s safe to breathe and kills contaminants in the air.

Much like the REME system, the Air Knight IPG uses UV light to kill airborne particles. The Trane CleanEffects uses an electric charge to trap particles in the air.

Let Us Install a Whole-Home Air Purifier for You

Three Rivers Services in Covington, LA, can install a home air purifier for you. We install air purifiers like the Trane CleanEffects, which is the first whole-home purifier to be certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Contact us today to learn more about our indoor air quality prodicts and maintenance services as well.

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