How Pets Can Impact Your Home’s Air Quality in Mandeville, LA

Pets are undoubtedly a great addition to many households in Mandeville, LA. They help improve morale and make for great companions. However, there are downsides to having a pet, particularly when it comes to indoor air quality.

Pet Dander and Allergens

Pets affect your indoor air quality through pet dander, hair and dirt carried in from the outside, causing allergic reactions and sickness. Pet dander consists of microscopic flakes of skin shed by nearly all pets and animals with fur or feathers. Some people are specifically allergic to pet dander and not the fur or hair, and double the people are allergic to cats compared to dogs.

Additionally, pet allergens include some proteins found in saliva, urine and feces. These are very lightweight, which means they can remain in the air for a while and attach themselves to furniture, bedding or fabric.

How Pets Impact Indoor Air Quality

The released pet dander, dust and allergens get carried in the air and circulated via the HVAC system for your family to breathe, thus significantly lowering the quality of your indoor air. Furthermore, pet hair can clog your HVAC system’s air filters, causing the system to work harder to compensate for lost efficiency and spreading the hair and dander throughout the house.

Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Quality

To ensure your home maintains quality breathable air even when you have a pet around, bathe your pet regularly to cut down on dander and shedding of fur. Cleaning them also helps reduce the pests that hide in the pet fur.

Maintain regular vacuuming along with using a cloth to dust the house. Vacuuming helps suck up dust beneath the furniture and window sills, thus preventing the fur from getting circulated by your HVAC system. While you’re at it, ensure you use a vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter since it captures various allergens that impact your indoor air quality.

Air Purifiers

You can also opt to use air purifiers that help eliminate asthma and other allergy symptoms by purifying the air, making it fresh and healthy for your family. If you go for a portable air filter, make sure to get one that’s the correct size for your room.

If you have pets in your house and want to improve your indoor air quality, you can depend on Three Rivers Services, LLC for reliable work. Contact Three Rivers Services, LLC today for trusted indoor air quality services in Mandeville, LA.

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