How to Reduce the Strain on Your Air Conditioner

Whether you have a brand new air conditioner or one that’s seen better days, summer in Covington, Louisiana puts cooling systems to the test. Hot and humid weather forces the equipment to work overtime to keep everyone comfortable. Longer runtimes send energy bills soaring and heighten the chance of a system failure. Easing the strain put on your AC system helps secure your comfort and save money on cooling expenses.

Change the Filter

One of the best ways to reduce strain on your AC equipment is to replace the filter whenever it’s dirty. A filter clogged with dirt obstructs normal airflow, impairing system efficiency. Unfiltered air allows dirt to settle on and damage critical components. Keeping the filter clean can lower your cooling costs by up to 15 percent and help you avoid an unexpected AC repair.

Give Your AC a Break

These simple tips and strategies can help cool your home, so your AC system won’t have to work so hard to keep you comfortable.

  • Wait until evening to use heat-generating appliances like ovens and dryers.
  • Plant a fast-growing shade tree on the south-facing side of your home.
  • Run the vent fans in your kitchen and bathroom when you cook or shower.
  • Keep lamps and other heat-producing items away from the thermostat.
  • Use reflective film on your windows to minimize heat absorption.
  • Make sure the area around the AC outdoor unit is free of clutter.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Without regular care from a professional HVAC technician, normal wear and tear begins to take its toll. Before you know it, you’ll need an AC repair or replacement. Signing up for HVAC maintenance from Three Rivers Services reduces the strain on the equipment and on your budget too. Your system will use less energy, last longer and need fewer repairs, saving you money now and later.

Don’t wait for your air conditioner to buckle under the strain of a hot and humid summer. Call Three Rivers Services, LLC for the air conditioning services you need to stay comfortable all summer long.

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