Is It Time to Replace My Furnace in Sun, LA?

Buying a new furnace allows you to enjoy the highest comfort and energy efficiency levels. However, sometimes it’s tricky to know the right time to replace your current system. We’ll help you understand some signs that show it’s time for a new furnace in Sun, LA.

Your Furnace’s Age

Unfortunately, your furnace will not warm your house efficiently forever. Its efficiency will drop as the years go by.

By the 15th year, the system may struggle to meet your temperature needs. ENERGY STAR recommends you replace your furnace about every 15 years. Your service technician can give you an honest assessment of your heating system’s condition.

Excessive Repairs

Furnaces work hard in the winter; hence, they may break down occasionally. However, if your heating system breaks down frequently, it’s likely time to get a replacement.

Regular breakdowns are frustrating because they interrupt your comfort. These frequent repairs can add up quickly. If you have a repair that is approaching 50% of the cost of a new furnace, it’s usually better to replace the system than repair it.

Rising Energy Bills

Generally, heating systems, including furnaces, consume significant energy to keep your home comfortable. The US Department of Energy notes that these systems are responsible for up to 29% of your energy bill.

An inefficient system will consume even more energy. If your heating system inflates your energy bill, it is time to consider a replacement. Modern systems come with energy-saving features, lowering your energy bills.

An Incorrectly Sized Furnace

An incorrectly sized furnace does not match your indoor temperature needs. The system can either fall into the undersized or oversized categories.

If you have an undersized furnace, it will run almost continuously and inflate your energy bill. On the other hand, an oversized furnace turns on and off frequently, resulting in hot and cold spots in your home.

Before you replace your furnace, request a technician to inspect it to determine whether the underlying issue justifies replacing it. Call us at Three Rivers Services, LLC for professional heating services if you suspect you have an inefficient system. Our technicians can assess your system and recommend solutions for any HVAC issue.

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