Should My Ductless System in Lacombe, LA Leak Water?

Your ductless system in Lacombe, LA shouldn’t leak water. If you detect water coming from your ductless mini-split system, don’t ignore it, as this is a sign of an underlying problem. We’ll explain what may be wrong, if your ductless system leaks water.

A Damaged Drain Pan

When moist indoor air from your living space enters the ductless system, the moisture in the air transfers to the surface of the evaporator coil. The moisture then drops from the coil into a drain pan.

If the drain pan has punctures, it allows the water to leak. Ask an HVAC technician to replace your damaged drain pan.

Clogged Drain Lines

Drain lines transfer the water accumulated in the drain pan to the environment, thus eliminating it. If dirt and debris block the drain lines, they can’t empty the drain pan.

Consequently, the water in the drain pan starts overflowing and leaking into your living space. A professional technician can unclog the blocked lines when you schedule maintenance services.

A Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter prevents warm air from flowing into your ductless system. As a result, the moisture on the evaporator coil freezes since the coil is cold. When the ice melts, you may notice water coming from your system.

A clogged air filter can cause multiple other issues, such as uneven temperature distribution, high energy bills and frequent breakdowns. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your air filter clean.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant draws heat from your indoor air at the indoor coil. It then moves to the outdoor coil, where the heat moves from the fluid to the surroundings.

If the refrigerant leaks, the fluid left can’t absorb enough heat. As a result, the temperatures on the indoor coil remain low, causing the moisture on it to freeze. When the ice melts, your system leaks water into your house.

Water leaks from your ductless system can damage your home, so you need to address the issue promptly. Contact our ductless AC experts at Three Rivers Services, LLC whenever your system runs into problems. We’ll find and fix the malfunctioning components.

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