The Truth About Inadequate Home Ventilation in St. Tammany Parish, LA

Living in St Tammany Parish, LA, you want to ensure that your home has good ventilation. This can mean, among other things, using the fans in your kitchen and bathroom and maintaining the AC so that it properly dehumidifies your home as it runs. Find out more about how inadequate ventilation in your home can lead to certain issues, some of which can harm your health.

Higher Humidity Levels

Cooking, taking a hot shower and not maintaining your AC will all contribute to an increase in humidity levels. While too little humidity will cause dry skin and other problems, too much humidity can encourage the growth of biological contaminants. You or other occupants may start to suffer from respiratory ailments as a result.

Note that high humidity can also spur on structural damage to your home. Wood rot will occur in consistently damp environments, such as crawl spaces.

Polluted Indoor Air

It won’t just be the biological growth that will pollute your indoor air. Poor ventilation will cause dust, dirt, pet hair, tobacco smoke and other contaminants to linger in your home. The best solution is to keep the AC clean, replace the air filter, and have a technician clean the coil and other interior components at least once a year.

Radon and Carbon Monoxide

Besides accumulating dust and dirt, your home may start to contain dangerous gases. Carbon monoxide from your vehicle’s exhaust (or from a crack in a gas furnace) could infiltrate your home. Radon, a gas that’s always in the air and that’s known to cause lung cancer, may become more concentrated in your home, too.

Serving Homeowners Since 1979

Three Rivers Services, LLC, can provide your HVAC system with yearly maintenance in St Tammany Parish, so contact us today to learn more. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work, which will not only keep your AC running smoothly but also help you maintain clean indoor air. You’ll get the warm, friendly care of a family-run business.

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